So you are reading this. Either you are a musician or you want to become one. In either event, you are searching for something more. You have a need within that is not being satisfied, and you are here trying to find it. We can help.

If you are interested in becoming a musician, it is not an age thing. It is not a talent thing. It is willingness. There are people with loads of natural talent with the pinnacle being someone like Mozart, but pretty much every musician works with far less natural ability. Bob Dylan can’t sing but had a way with lyrics. Pavarotti could carry a tune but was terrible at playing the flute. Buddy Rich was an amazing drummer but how was his cello playing? These people were good at what they did because they worked at it, but it does not mean that they could play and do everything.

Why are you not a musician at this moment? Perhaps a former friend of yours in school told you that you had no singing voice. Maybe you have always been too busy. Or a teacher may have given a part to another student in a musical and made you feel bad about your skills. Maybe you were trying to learn guitar and a friend of yours with many years of playing experience made you feel inferior. In any scenario, the reason you are not excelling is because you let yourself down. Let’s change that.

Want to be a musician, ignore your feelings of inferiority. In fact, ignore any negative thoughts you may have and set yourself to work. Organize a plan to become one. Use these simple points to formulate your plan.

1) Decide what instrument you are most willing to commit yourself.

2) Get a good teacher. One who has taught for years, has degrees, and knows how to make musicians.

2) Setup regular practice routine (daily) beginning with no more than 15 min. per day to start.

4) Record yourself practicing your best stuff and then hide that recording away.

5) Attend your lessons, practice everyday regardless how you’ “feel”. Commit at least six months.

6) After six months, listen to your recording, you’ll be amazed how far you’ve come.

The musician within you is waiting to get out. Time to practice.