The Guitarist’s Palette

The aspiring guitarist’s best resource. Over seventy pieces arranged specifically for the guitar. Works such as;  Maple Leaf Rag, Irish Washerwoman, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, Blues Shuffle, Ash Grove, Jerusalem Ridge, Greensleeves, and Sorrento. Comes with over four hundred chord charts, glossary, practice guides, and  playing tips. Written in standard notation and tablature SM 1001-A

The Musical World of the Banjo

A repertoire book for the Banjoist like no other before. Over fifty selected pieces such as; The Entertainer, House of the Rising Sun, Flop Eared Mule, Turkey in the Straw, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Minuet in G, Away in a Manger, Cripple Creek and many more. Comes complete with chord charts, notes, hints, and playing tips. Written in standard notation and tablature SM 1005-A

Mandolins and Musical Styles

Mandolins & Musical Styles contains some of the world’s most favorite songs arranged specifically for the Mandolin player. Music is written for the beginner, intermediate and the most advanced mandolin player. Some selections include, Rondo Alla Turk, The Entertainer, St. Anne’s Reel, and Jerusalem Ridge. Come complete with chord charts, notes, hints and playing tips. Written in standard notation and tablature SM 1015-A

Unwrapping the Secrets of the Guitar Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3

Unwrapping the Secrets of the Guitar, follow a simple pattern of introducing you to musical concepts that will unlock the doors towards years of creativity in your songwriting and improvisational skills. Each chapter slowly walks you through each new idea, until you fully understand how to use the musical knowledge. Each chapter and every bit of new information is followed by chapter reviews, answer sections, charts, guitar fretboard maps, glossaries, hints and playing tricks.

The Further Evolution of the Banjoman Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3

Each book contains clear and concise explanations of music theory as it applies to  the banjoist. Each chapter carefully explains the fingerboard, and related theory. Each chapter is reviewed, tested, and applied in actual exercises designed to help you understand the tools of your trade. You’ll be improvising and creating original music in no time. SM 1006-A, SM 1006-B,  SM 1006-C

A Banjoholics Christmas

A Christmas Collection for the Banjo that contains some of the best loved Christmas songs of all time, arranged for the 5 string Banjo. The Album contains over twenty Christmas arrangements, that sound as if the music was composed for the Banjo. Book comes complete with chord charts, references,  and playing tips. SM 1105-A

A Merry Mandolin Christmas

Christmas in the Snow

As Christmas Books go, this is a guitarist’s dream. There are over forty Christmas songs transcribed for both flatpick, and fingerpick, as well as lyrics, chords, and helpful charts, all designed for the beginner to advanced players. SM 1101-A

Books written by Teachers of Spirited Music

Violin Playing With Ease

Learning to play the violin can sometimes be an agonizing prospect. This book teaches through songs, and utilizes simple ideas to help you play faster and better. With one major scale, you can play up to 50 songs from memory in one month, and you can start to figure out songs from the radio and digital sources in no time. A method unlike any other before.

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