I need a flute for school, how long do I have to wait to get one?

You can rent and walk out of the store with an instrument immediately after filling out the paperwork. You need to be over 18 years of age, have valid I.D. and of course a valid credit card. Either a Visa or Mastercard.

If my band teacher tells to switch to another instrument, can I return or exchange my instrument?

Most definitely yes. Spirited Music has many band directors and teachers on staff so we know how many reasons there may be for changing instruments. If you need to switch, simply bring the other instrument back and get the one you need. If there is a difference in price you will either be refunded or pay the difference in price. If you have rented the instrument for the school year and have stopped playing music altogether, and are returning your instrument, you will be charged for only the months that you’ve had the instrument and the rest will be refunded back to you.

My teacher wants me to get a specific brand for the school band program. What do you have?

We have all the major brands of instruments that teachers may ask for. Conn, King, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, Yamaha, Bach, Selmer, Vito, Leblanc, Getzen, Buescher, Yanagisawa, Artley, and a whole lot more.

I like my instrument but I am tired of renting. Can I buy it instead?

Spirited Music has a one of a kind rental policy in the city. If you decide you would like to purchase your instrument or a new instrument within the first nine months of rental, you can use everything (100%) that you have paid in rental towards the purchase of your instrument. If you have rented a longer period, say five years for example, you can use 50% of your 5 years of rental towards your purchase. You can buy the instrument you are renting or apply your rental fees toward another like instrument new or used.

What if my instrument needs repairs while I am renting it?

Spirited Music has on-site technicians, luthiers and repair people. Most repairs can be handled within a few hours. Some repairs may require an overnight stay if there is a gluing process or healing period. For more serious damage, the repair may take one or two days. If you have a concert and you need an instrument immediately, we will sign you out a loaner instrument to use while yours is being repaired. Any adjustments you may need to maintain your instrument during the year are free of charge. Rentals also have insurance to cover damages, but it is always best to talk to the technician in regards to your instrument concerns or repair costs.

If I rent an instrument during the year, can I use my rental fees towards purchases other than the instrument I am playing?

Use of the rental fees is only permitted for use towards purchasing the instrument you are currently renting or a new or used replacement of that rental instrument. For example, you cannot use a trumpet rental fee towards purchasing a mandolin, or music stand. You could only use the trumpet rental fee towards purchasing a trumpet.

Why do I have to supply I.D. and a valid credit card when I am ready to pay cash for my rental unit?

The instrument you are renting is worth far more than you are paying for renting the instrument. We need I.D. and a valid credit card to ensure return of the instrument upon expiration of your Rental Contract.

Does the instrument come with all the accessories?

The instrument usually comes with the basic mouthpiece, case, bow, or /and neckstrap. You will be required to purchase your reeds if you need them. Or you may require, cleaning supplies, rosin, picks, or something else. It is best to call to confirm what you will need. A drum kit comes with all the toms and cymbals, but you must buy your own sticks. Most anything that can be deemed disposable will need to be purchased separately.

What is a school year rental?

For our part, the school year runs from July 1st to the following June 30th. So if you arrive early to rent for the school year, you get the summer thrown in for free and instead of having the instrument for ten (Sept. - June) months, you can actually have it for twelve months (July-June) and still pay the same rate.

Do I have to be school age person to take advantage of the school year rental?

No. The rate is available for both adults and the young. It is not required for anyone to actually be registered in a school.

What if I bring the instrument back early?

The instrument will be inspected and if there is damage, that will need to be addressed. If you bring the instrument back, say after three months, you will be charged for three months as if it were a month to month rental plan, and the difference between three months of rent and the school year rate would be refunded back to you.

Can I reserve an instrument for fall in the spring?

Yes. All you need to do is fill in the paperwork and prepay the rental and the instrument can either be picked up at our location as of July 1st or  dropped off at your school in the fall.

Can I rent an instrument for just a night or a week?

We do not provide short term rentals. Every instrument we rent is sterilized, cleaned and made to look like almost new every time it is returned. In order to recoup costs associated with cleaning, tuning, sterilizing, repairing, and adjusting, we require that all rentals are rented out for a minimum of three months.

What if the instrument is dropped or accidentally damaged?

When you are renting an instrument, there is instrument insurance that only costs a dollar a month and it covers accidental damage. Exceptions to coverage are instances of deliberate damage. Students using their instruments for light sabre duels are not covered under insurance.