1) Tuition for the current month and a deposit of $50.00 will be paid when signing up for lessons. The deposit is to be held in case of any possible damage to equipment,, late lesson payments, or as security for purchases on credit. The lesson fee as of September 1st,  2019 is $23.00 for every instrument.  For families of 3, lessons are now $22.50 per lesson.

2) When a student decides to permanently terminate lessons, a two week notice must be given. Teacher and office must be notified, 24 hours before the student's second last lesson. If the student is currently on a brief hiatus, and then decides to terminates lessons, then two weeks tuition will be subtracted from the initial deposit. If the student is in good standing, and there are no outstanding invoices or liens, the initial deposit of $50.00 is refunded, and can be picked up, after or, during your last lesson. Deposit can be used towards last month of lessons if you so choose. Any unused lessons, missed lessons, or non-rescheduled lessons remaining after departure will not be refunded. If deposit is not picked up within six months of termination, deposit will be forfeited. As of June 30, 2020, any unused lessons will be void and non-refundable.

3) In the event of a SCHEDULE CHANGE, a minimum TWENTY-FOUR HOURS notice must be given. NO EXCEPTIONS. The student must rebook the lesson in addition to the regular weekly lessons. If student does not reschedule lesson, then the lesson fee for that lesson is forfeit. If the student misses the lesson, no refund or credit will be given. It is the student's responsibility to call and reschedule lessons. Each student is ALLOWED THREE CANCELLATIONS OR RESCHEDULES PER YEAR.. Missed, cancelled, or rescheduled lessons cannot be rescheduled a second time, the lesson will be forfeited. In the event a teacher is sick or out of town, then the lesson will be rescheduled at the student's convenience for any time within the next two months. Students missing lessons due to vacations, illness etc, will retain their time spots, but the cancelled lessons must be rescheduled after their return. Any unused or non-rescheduled lessons remaining after June 30th each year will be forfeited and are not transferable to the following year.

4) TUITION IS TO BE PAID ON THE FIRST LESSON OF EACH MONTH. OUTSTANDING TUITION WILL BE SURCHARGED $1.00 EACH DAY IT REMAINS UNPAID. If tuition is unpaid by 3rd week of current month, time slot will be erased and lessons will cease until payment is made. Money outstanding for books, stands, instruments etc; will be assessed a 2% surcharge on monies owing after 30 days, and 2% per month until balance is paid in full. Post-dated cheques are the preferred methods of payment. Estimate monthly amounts by multiplying number of lessons by $23.00. There are no taxes on music lessons.

5) Money that is paid for music lessons does not include books, instruments or other accessories. There may be surcharges for  CDs, photocopying, and other teacher supplied materials as the student requires.

6) Tuition fees can be paid through cash, pre-authorized, debit or check. You may leave post-dated checks for future months if you choose. Any checks or pre-authorized debits that are returned for whatever reason will be assessed a $20.00 surcharge to cover commercial bank charges and costs.

7) While most books and accessories can be purchased on account, instruments and other larger items must be partially paid for before leaving the premises. In the event of a special order, a deposit of 25% may be required.

8) Spirited Music and staff are waived of any responsibility in all cases of accidental injuries, due to negligence, horseplay, building liabilities, combative encounters, repetitive strain injuries or any other injuries suffered while on the premises.