How much do I need to practice in order to play drums?

Drums are a co-ordination exercise and the more you practice (frequency) the faster you’ll improve. Initially,  a few minutes every day is all that is needed, but as you progress, you will need more practice time to complete your assignments.

Do I need a set of drums at home to practice?

It is hard to absorb the material from your lessons without re-enforcing the new ideas by practicing. A drum set, like a violin or a piano, is needed for a student to practice and utilize the information gleaned from the lessons. If you are in an apartment living in close quarters, you can get an electronic drum set that you can hear in your headphones or you can get mutes for your drum set that take 90% of the sound out of your playing. An instrument is key in learning.

Which is better for beginners, group or private lessons?

Strictly speaking in terms of efficiency, the private lessons are the way to go. They are faster, more conducive, less expensive and far more progressive. A student can ask any question, and get an answer immediately. Once a student understands a concept, they can move to the next idea. If the student is struggling with some part of their education,  then they can spend time devoting themselves towards the problem.  A private 30 minute lesson can be described as intense in comparison to a one hour group method. Theoretically, if you are in a class with 9 other students for one hour, your share of individual instruction is approximately 6 minutes. Usually a one hour group class also costs about $10 per class which works out to about $1.67 for every private minute of instruction. A private class of 30 minutes costing you approximately $18 means you are only paying .60 cents a minute. If group classes were the model of efficiency, there would never be a need for tutors, private lessons, or assistants. In addition, a private class can be rescheduled, whereas, group lessons cannot. Everyone knows that smaller class size means more teacher attention and better instruction. What is better than one teacher and one student?