Any Age*Any Style*Any Time

Drums are one of the very few instruments a child can begin at an extremely early age. Students as young as two have learned to play a drum set. The initial skill developed is co-ordination of limbs.

Drums are a perfect instrument for restless children, active people, people who like to dance and makes a great stress reliever. Drum students generally start with basic rhythms and then move into song structures. The teachers always accompany the students with bass, guitar, or drums. The recitals have the students playing drums along with other musicians filling in with vocals, guitars, and bass. The most standard approach is an initiation into rock drumming, and as skills develop, the student is taken into the world of jazz, world beat and alternative rhythmic structures.

Drums can be learned at any age. We have had students from the age of two to the age of 83. Playing drums is like learning dance steps. No matter who you are, as long as you can count, you can play.

Need a Rental? Drum Jokes

A lot parents ask, do we really need a set of drums at home? The answer is a definite. Yes! A proper drum kit, a structured regular practice routine and good parental support will ensure success.