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So, what is a wind instrument? Wind instruments constitute most of the school band instruments that require the use of your lungs to play. Flute, sax, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, oboe and bassoon are all wind instruments. If you have chosen to look at this page, it probably means you already have an idea which instrument you would like to play. Wind instruments can make beautiful sounds and can be used for jazz, blues, rock, classical or pop.

Anyone over the age of nine are pretty much ready to play a  wind instrument. There are no limits in regards to the upper ages, but there are limits for the youth. Some of these instruments are not appropriate for children under the age of nine as the bottom jaw has not yet fully formed and proper embouchure is often a problem. Another problem is younger children’s arms are often not long enough to accommodate the instruments. Younger children are more often directed towards playing the recorder, tin whistle, or a curved head-joint flute.

Wind Instrument Jokes

A wind instrument is extremely fun to play. It can be trying at first, but once you get past the basics, look out. Who’s never wanted to play a mean sax solo, or float a flute solo through a large room. A jazz clarinet or a even try the oboe? Give it a try. You’ll not be disappointed.