I’ve been told I can’t sing, is there any hope for me?

Has anyone ever shown you how to sing? Have you had coaching? There are very few natural singers and a great many potentially great singers who need guidance. Even the worst singer in the world will become much better with practice and coaching. Most people do not use their singing voice properly and therefore produce sounds that may not be pleasing to everyone. Learn how to use your instrument (voice) properly and then be prepared to be amazed with your talent. Your volume, control, and tone will all be improved. You may not sound exactly like Pavarotti, Taylor Swift, or Celine Dion, but you will discover talent you never thought you had.

I don’t want to sing opera, I just want to sing better at parties.

Sing wherever you would like, and whatever you like. It is not about the music it is about how you are using your own voice. A good instructor will help you become the singer you want to be.

Is my teacher a male or female?

We have both male and female voice instructors with degrees and training. It is important that you feel comfortable with your teacher so if you would prefer a male or female instructor, please just mention it to us and we can easily set that up for you.

How will my voice improve with lessons?

The biggest change you will notice is the quality of sound you produce. Learning how to use you instrument properly will greatly increase the quality of your tone. In addition, you will learn to sing lower as well as higher than you had before. So your range and control will definitely be improved and that is not including your expanding knowledge of music theory, ability to harmonize, read music or sing different styles. Private singing lessons may be one of the best investments anyone could make in their lives. Improving your singing voice will boost your confidence.

How long before I can be a really good singer?

How long before you become a fiddler or a symphony violinist? There are a great many levels of accomplishment. The longer and harder you work, the better you will become.  You want to sing better at parties? That’ll only take you a few months. You want to knock someone’s socks off? A bit longer. You want to start in the next touring edition of Les Miserables, get ready to work long and hard. So it really depends on what is your idea of being a good singer.

Is singing in a choir the same as private lessons?

No! Definitely not. A private lesson instructs you how to use your voice. How to breath. Focuses, and helps develop your weaknesses and re-enforces your strengths. A private lesson is about you and you alone. What are you doing wrong and what are you doing right? How can you improve your range, your tone, and your breathing? The entire lesson is about teaching you to use your instrument properly. A choir is about the assembly of many voices into a larger entity. The conductor is focusing on the groups’ strengths and not its’ weaknesses. Sometimes weaker singers are pushed more into the background and assigned less challenging parts in order to strengthen the group sound. A choir is a good place to go and re-enforce what you learned in your lesson and to learn to work in a larger ensemble, but for addressing private abilities, you need private lessons.