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The Mandolin is a beautiful instrument that allows you to play any style of music you choose. The instrument is tuned like a violin, is small, portable, and flexible. The Mandolin can be used on stage, at a campfire or orchestra.

There is the mandolin, the mandola, the mandocello, and the mando bass. They form the mandolin family of instruments, much like the violin, viola, cello and double bass form the string family. The mandolin family are all plucked instruments. Lessons are available for each of these. Spirited Music sells and rents all these instruments.

So if you are interested in the instrument, why not take lessons? A lesson is conducted in a private session with a qualified instructor. You are free to ask any questions and work on any ideas or music that may interest you. The instructor will guide your development and assist you in whatever way possible. You will be provided with the fastest possible techniques to properly develop into a competent musician. If you have a background in music, your teacher will incorporate your existing knowledge into the lessons and show you how the different instruments relate. Take a lesson and find out how you can learn.

The Octave Mandolin that is played like the Mandolin, but sounds an octave lower and has a longer neck and larger body. It reads the same notation. The bouzouki is another variation of the mandolin with a longer body and neck than the octave mandolin. It is tuned in fifths like a mandola and has a deep sound like the mandocello.

Pictures of mandolins,mandolas etc