The guitar is one of the most versatile, flexible instruments to use. It can be used in almost any situation. Play around a campfire or join a jazz band. Tour with the Stones, or sing to a kindergarten class. You can play with a pick or play with your fingers. You can play a steel guitar, an electric, an acoustic, a classical, an arch top, a flat top or a banjitar. You can play with a slide, a bow or a set of drumsticks. The only regret you could possibly ever have is not starting guitar lessons.

A guitar lesson consists of a teacher getting to know what are the goals of the student. Once the goals are decided, the teacher lays out a path to achieve those goals. Some may want to play folk songs, and others may want to shred. It does not matter what is your preference, the teacher will lay out the logical steps to get you there. Regardless of your ability, you will improve and become a better player. We guarantee it.

In order to start music lessons, a child must be able to count from 1-20 and do basic math such as 2+2 or 3-1. If they are capable of doing these, that indicates that their brain is prepared to understand music. Anything before that level, will simply be pretending. That ability  to play music usually starts between the ages of  3-5 years old. Once you have these skills, anyone, at any age can learn to play the guitar.

*Any Age
*Any Style
*Any Time
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