Piano Lessons
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Piano is the number one choice of instrument for most parents and students. It is an instrument that can be undertaken at any age. Children as young as two can play the piano and adults of any age. For children, if they understand basic math like 2+2 and can count to twenty, they are ready as long as they can sit in the same place to practice for at least fifteen minutes. If you have a child who does not handle seat work well, the violin is a good alternative.

So you’ve decided to learn the piano, or you want to enrol your children. This is a good start. The piano is the most utilized musical instrument in the world. Mozart, Elton John, Chopin, Oscar Petterson and on and on have shown us the merits of the instrument. It can play any style of music you choose, and can entertain everyone. It is a cerebral exercise that is also a lot of fun. Play a little boogie-woogie and then straight into a sonata, whatever your mood, the piano is a good fit.

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