Interested in the Violin? The Viola? The Cello? Well why not! You’re in good company. Mozart, Stephane Grapelli, Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, and a great many others played for professional and recreational reasons. The violin, viola or cello can be used as a fiddle, or for a rock band, a church orchestra, or whatever reason you may have need. The bowed instruments are credited for being one of the most useful instruments for developing the mind. As you can see by the small list of players above, that is a very accurate assessment.

In a lesson, a person will learn to properly utilize the instrument to play whatever music they desire. We employ sound, proven methods to get you started, and after mastering the basics, we move on to more expertise in your favourite genre of music. Every lesson is private and no two students are taught exactly the same. We teach each student in an individual manner that fits their individual needs and will achieve the most success.

In order to start violin/viola/cello lessons, a child must be able to count from 1-20 and do basic math such as 2+2 or 3-1. If they are capable of doing these, that indicates that their mind is prepared to understand music. Music lessons before that level, will simply be fruitless. The ability  to play music usually starts between the ages of  3-5 years old. Once you have these skills, anyone, at any age can learn to play the violin, the viola or the cello.

Any Age*Any Style*Any Time
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