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Simply put, playing a banjo can be one of the biggest joys in your life. As a famous comedian once said, you can’t be sad playing the banjo. Whether you want to study 4 string (tenor), 5 string (bluegrass) 6 string (banjo - guitar) clawhammer, frailing, or fingerpicking, the banjo definitely lifts your spirits. Learning to play the banjo is like much like every other instrument in terms of a learning curve. If you practice you will learn and become proficient. If you avoid practicing, you’re also avoiding success.

Playing a banjo can be done with a pick, or your fingers. What style of music you choose is not as important as how you play it. A lesson consists of learning how to control and use your instrument properly for whatever style of music you would like to play. A five string banjo will involve using the fingers to pluck the notes whereas the 4-string (tenor) employs a pick. The 6 string banjo is played using either methods. Regardless which banjo you choose to play, you’ll definitely have a good time playing it.

You may not live longer playing the banjo, but you’ll definitely have more fun.

Or if you have a sense of humour

You may not live longer,

It’ll only seem like it

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