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Do you have 100% confidence in your singing abilities? No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Very few can claim to have that level of confidence in their voice. Most people have never trained, took lessons, or received any instruction whatsoever on how to sing. There are some who come by their skills naturally, but most need a little coaching. When you take lessons, you are not going to forced to sing opera. You will learn to use your voice to sing your music. We will be focusing on using your instrument properly and removing obstacles to great singing.

Becoming a good singer means you take your voice seriously. It is an instrument like a violin, piano, or trumpet. Every instrument requires practice and good coaching to maximize your potential. There are some simple tricks that you can learn to improve your voice, but to really make strides, you need to practice. With practice and direction, you will gain more control, more power and infinitely more confidence in yourself. A confident singing voice will extend itself to other areas of your life and give you more confidence to take on the world as well. Try a few lessons and you’ll be impressed. With yourself.

Our teachers are graduates of Universities, Colleges and Music Schools. Our teachers hold Master’s in Music Education, Bachelor’s of Music, A.R.C.T.s, Bachelor of Music Education, in addition to many , many years of playing experience and training. Our teachers also teach in the schools, work as choir directors,  run Rock Band Programs, tour professionally, employed as professional accompanists, adjudicate, teach privately, and especially like to assist people in learning. Our teachers love their work.

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